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    The Award

        Honouring Social Commitment

Many social, humanitarian and ecological projects depend on the aid of dedicated volunteers. Volunteer work by young people, whether in an association, an initiative or a school class, cannot be taken for granted. They all fight together with one goal in mind: to make the world a better place. With the Act Now Youth Award 2015 presented by C&A, we reward exactly this initiative.

The award is meant to serve as a motivation and an honour for all the young people who stand up for others. Together with well-known celebrities, the Sauti Kuu Foundation and Friedrichstadt-Palast Berlin are recognising active young people who have dedicated themselves in outstanding ways within their organisations.

    The Initiator

The Sauti Kuu Foundation strives to offer disadvantaged children and young people all over the world prospects for an independent life.

We particularly want to assist disadvantaged children and young people from socially vulnerable families, helping them discover the strength of their own voice and the power of their own potential, so that they can use the opportunities available to them locally and make something of their lives.

We work with them to identify ways and create structures that offer young people and their families’ psychological, social and financial assistance to gain self-sufficiency. Our aim is to help young people make a positive contribution to the development of their communities. Most important in this effort is to convey to young people that they do not have to be victims of the social system or of their environment.

Auma Obama
"Young people should understand that they need to take their fate into their own hands. That's when they realise that they can accomplish much more if they themselves get involved. They are motivated and work hard. All they need is the opportunities and our support."

Dr. Auma Obama
Initiator and Chair of the Sauti Kuu Foundation

Sauti Kuu seeks to encourage children and young people to become socially involved. It is more important than ever before that we demonstrate team spirit and work together.

Based on the example of the workshop held in Tutzing, Germany, and entitled 'You Are Your Future', the video shows how Sauti Kuu works (available in German only).

Sauti Kuu Foundation website (in German)

      The Patron

Manuel Neuer
Everyone knows the Gelsenkirchen from the Bundesliga and as the number 1 of the German national soccer team.
To succeed to such an extent, Manuel Neuer has always worked hard on himself and never lost the big goal in mind.
But he also knows that he is one of the privileged and has been lucky in life. .

By founding the Manuel Neuer Kids Foundation he wants to share his
Manuel Neuer Kids Foundationgood fortune and take social responsibility – by giving back something to disadvantaged children in his region that he had in his youth: opportunities and prospects for their life. In addition to economic support the aim of the projects and sponsorships are to promote the potentials of development and the talents of the children, to point out perspectives and to increase their motivation and self-esteem.

Manuel Neuer Kids Foundation website

   The Organiser

Friedrichstadt-PalastFriedrichstadt-Palast is by far the most visited theatre in Berlin. Each year, more than half a million guests experience the very finest in show entertainment on the stage of the world's largest theatre dedicated to the principles of liberty and tolerance. With over 100 artists and another 60 contributors behind the scenes, this is where the world's largest long-running revue shows are produced.

The Palace is internationally known for its excellent ballet company, consisting of 60 men and women, its 16-piece show band, and the Young Ensemble unique in Europe, consisting of 250 Berlin kids between the ages of 6 and 16.

Friedrichstadt-Palast website